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A holistic


In recognising and accepting our actual state of being

healing begins

I have been working as a medical doctor for 31 years including 15 years as a physician. Further I have a background as an Integral Psychotherapist and Mindfulness Instructor and finally I am an Author. I use all my skills to support people in realising  themselves.

Clinical background

While I was a physician, I met many patients with existential problems that I was not able to handle with my medical knowledge, it stressed me a lot. So, in 2006 I started practicing mindfulness and a few years later a  psychotherapeutic education. Then I began facilitating mindfulness groups with my patients after work. It was people of different ages, genders and illnesses. The changes and healing processes that occurred in those people changed my view of my previous work as a medical doctor, so in 2013 I quitted my medical practice.


Since then, I have shared my experiences about the interconnectedness of body, mind and consciousness.


The body has an innate ability to heal itself and regain balance, and the ways to it are as many as we are humans on earth.


But we are much more than our body, we are the awareness that observes, the body, the emotions, the thoughts and our behaviour. This awareness may heal us, and it is much easier if we surrender to live by this knowing. Along the way, we may even experience ourselves completely healed.


Basically, we are already complete and whole, we just have to recognise it,- it is one of life's many paradoxes.


My greatest wish is that every human being may recognise their original nature and the healing powers in it.

This, I belive is possible  if you truly want it.

Mette Maja Mouritsen

Click on the photo below and listen to my talk; Breakdown or Breakthrough ?

Click on the photo below and listen to a videotrailer with my book Mindful Medicine

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Mette Maja Mouritsen


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