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A holistic


When we accept our actual state of being

the first step towards healing is taken

I am graduated medical doctor, specialised in general medicine, Integral Psychotherapist, Mindfulness Instructor and Author.I have been working as a doctor for 31 years including 15 years as a physician. I have resigned my authorisation as a medical doctor in order to express my self freely and to work holistic.

Clinical background

While I was a medical doctor I had many daily conversations with people with existential problems, that I could not support with my medical knowledge, it was stressfull to me.

 In 2006, I started to practice mindfulness and shortly after I started on a four-year study in integral psychotherapy. During this process I experienced a spiritual awakening which brought me on a long "journey." All together it brought great insights and many valuable tools. I began to facilitate groups with my patients in late afternoon, people with different ages gender and illnesses mental as well as physical. The changes and self-healing processes that occurred in these groups of people was the final reason for changing job position, in order to work in a way where I could integrate my understanding of body, mind and spirit

Now I work with people with physical and psychological symptoms of any kind individually and in groups, in orde to support their own way of regaining calmness and balance through increased awareness of their bodily sensations. From there it is easier to choose among what is needed to benefit of their health.

The body has an inborn ability to heal what it may heal by itself, I support this capability. Further on I know that an openness and humility for the life within us opens for healing on deeper levels. 

I use all my knowledge to integrate the experience of the interconnectedness of body mind and consciousness.

It is utmost important to me that you feel being listened to, and then it is my biggest wish, that you may meet the love within yourself.

Click on the photo below and listen to my talk; Breakdown or Breakthrough ?

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Mette Maja Mouritsen