Our free will...

From the book " Consciousness" : We humans often say that we have our free will, which means that we are free to choose, when the opportunity presents itself, and indeed it does almost constantly, even though we might not realise it, because we usually are caught by the intellects conventional way of thinking. The intellect which is primarily driven by our common socio-cultural norms that often are preceded by sentences such as "I have to", or "I cannot", or "it is always", or "It is never" without even considering another option or trying something different. A black and white thinking that affects us all, and which is characterized by either/or instead of both/and. This way of thinking may

Common Health Care

I believe, that increased health and reduced pressure and costs on the conventional healthcare system, require a paradigm shift where we realise, that we all have a responsibility for how it has become. The shift is about the following: 1) We doctors must realise that we mainly are treating symptoms and not the cause for the symptoms. And when we keep on doing so the workload increases: new symptoms may continue to pop up elsewhere in the body and in the society. 2) We doctors can never take the responsibility for another human’s life, as we truly don't know how it is to be that person, and we cannot make their choices in life. To choose is to trust, also in surrendering the choice to anot

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