Dementia in a new approach towards diseases

Here is my contribution to a broader understanding of the various painful states of being, we humans may experience. To describe the mechanisms I will use the state we call Dementia. We are all in transient states of being, which we are the only one to experience no matter what others may say or think about us and our appearance. We may find ourselves healthy, when others call us sick, and we may find ourselves sick when others call us healthy and we can seemingly die and be in a completely different state, like the one many people have experienced through near death experiences and also returned from, and some day we will die. All states of being are in some way or another impermanent. The

Respons and responsibility

The acts of responding and showing responsibility can be very challenging, something I continuously work on with myself. Based on a very useful comment to my post: communication on different levels, and my own question: "Who is then responsible for the sensations?" I had the following reflections on responding and responsibility. The comment was as quoted: "I appreciated your post on communication levels ... i was thinking about this topic in yoga yesterday! An interesting thought was the rhythmic massage of our lungs on our hearts and vice versa. I could go on and on and on ... but I appreciated the question about responsibility and thought it similar two Uncle Ben (Spiderman) or Voltaire

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