Creation and Love

From the thoughts and ideas we receive we create, and through creation we manifest our existence. It seems that we create more and more and faster and faster, as if we were non-existent without manifesting,forgetting that the world already existed before our existence. How the first humans were created is still an unanswered question, although we are increasingly aware of our own microscopic existence in the macroscopic universe from the tiny atom of our cells to the awareness of our thoughts; the thoughts that are the inspiration for our creativities. Like the thought of flying has lead to the creation of an airplane. The creation already began by the thought of flying long before the airpl

Embodied Awareness

In honouring patients who have had horrible experiences from awareness anaesthesia, I must say I find their experiences most valuable and amazing. After an operation in general anaesthesia they wake up and explain what they have experienced while being seemingly a sleep. Some feel pain, emotions and touches some hear voices. The awareness that observes their body and at the same time senses the pain and touches can be almost without physical attachment and still be a part of the body as explained by some patients who have had out of body experiences. It seems from these patients’ experiences that awareness can be more or less embodied without we are fully aware of it. And the “we” who is a

The Seeker

Humans are seekers that seek in order to understand to gain to achieve and more. A fundamental urge from birth comparable with the will and perhaps equal with the will. The personal reasons for this urge could be many such as existential needs, psychodynamic survival strategies, spiritual longings and more. Behind the many different personal motives for seeking there seems to be a major force that makes us seek in order to unfold our self and our common existence through the things we create and the realisations we do. Some of these creations and realisations are made from the mind others from the heart and the hand. All are relevant in order to unfold whatever is. During this process we may

Beyond the personality

I often feel a longing for meeting other people on a deeper level, like a silent calling from the soul without really knowing with my logical mind, what the soul truly is. I will try to explain; When meeting other people, either in private or at work, and we are talking and listening to each other entirely through the stories we tell, the emotions we express, the way we act and react and the bodily symptoms we may express, we can meet for hours days and months relating in almost the same way about the same stuff, however I often have this longing for connecting at another level, where changes in our relation may happen in a moment. When quietening the mind and meeting each other in silence i

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