Listening to words is about listening to the inner understanding of the words, the sound of the words, the emotions behind the words. Listening to sound is about listening to the inner images, the past remembrances, the emotions that arises. Listening to emotions is about listening in awareness with an open mind and an open heart. Listening to sensations is about listening to vibrations in the body; the vibration of a thought, the vibration of a sound, the vibration of a word, the vibration of an emotion. Listening is a full-bodied experience,-the listener is the awareness of the soul

Liberating the truth

Perhaps you happen to know the feeling of being stuck by personal judgements ? Otherwise I will gladly share one of my experiences here: On duty I was asked to visit an old man who was living by himself, he had severe pain in his heel. On arriving he opens the door and invites me in and he walks quietly on both feet without difficulties and without complaining. Sitting in his chair he points at his heel from where the pain arises. There was absolutely nothing unusual to examine compared to his other heel, and the old man couldn’t tell about any traumatic event that had happened. When sitting quietly he had pain and if I touched the heel he had pain, but when he walked on his foot there were

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