Verden er i forandring, det har den altid været og nogle gange hurtigere end andre. En forandring lige nu er et skift fra at tro til at vide. Tidligere troede jeg overvejende på det, jeg hørte og fik fortalt og blev belært. På et tidspunkt var jeg overbevist om, at det jeg læste og modtog udefra var en sandhed, jeg behøvede et bevis udefra og ikke gennem min egen krop og mine egne erfaringer. Nu ved jeg at viden opstår indefra. Det jeg har oplevet og/eller erkendt i egen krop ved jeg. Med ”krop” mener jeg den samlede enhed, vi er vant til at adskille i krop sind og bevidsthed. Hvordan kan jeg så bruge andres viden, nu hvor jeg ved at min krop ved? Inspiration kommer indefra men også udefra;

Faith belief and Knowledge

The world is changing, so it has always been and sometimes faster than others. A change I experience is a shift from believing to knowing. I used to believe in what I was told and taught. At some point I was even convinced about what I received from outside was a truth, as if I needed a proof from outside, and not by my own body or through my own experiences. Now I know that knowing and wisdom arises from within, from what I have experienced and recognized in my own body. By the term “body” I mean the unit we use to separate into body, mind and consciousness. How may I relate to others knowledge now that I know that my body knows? I know that inspiration arises from within and also from wit

Oneness and sameness

Oneness is what keeps us together, the source of our being. The sources we all origin from and still is connected to through our physical and spiritual being. It could be called love without knowing how the word love is understood and received by others. Unique is every one of us also in our shape of ever changing physical beings. Oneness includes all unique beings and diversities as a completion of whatever is. Sameness is a statically idea of being unchangeable uniform and conform. To understand oneness we must let go of the idea of sameness. We origin from the same source and it is possible to relate to each other from this source that love and know all unique beings and diversities that

I just want to know if something is wrong?

“ “I just want to know if something is wrong…” is a common statement when people have a bodily symptom. They often want further examinations to get an exact answer, so that a specific treatment can be given. The doctor's examination and calming words are not always sufficient, since the gaze of the doctor is not of x-ray and the doctor’s hands are not healing in a traditional understanding. So we doubt and need further proves. However the examinations may not reveal anything and we don’t get an exact answer and a specific treatment. Still we sense an imbalance and we feel it even better than the measuring devices and long before it is manifested in our physical self, the part of us that can

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