Healing is a process

Rarely a disease appears in a split of a second. Mostly something has preceded, which we haven’t been aware of or ignored perhaps caused by a busy way of living. At the point where the symptom becomes sufficiently annoying we listen and seek help. We may receive help, if the doctor can find some visible and measurable changes. However sometimes there is nothing to find, the suffering is invisible. Whatever the reasons may be, for the invisible discomfort, it can be just as uncomfortable as a visible disease, but it rarely gets the same attention, although it could be an invitation to take care of it before it becomes a visible disease. Anyway, it often has a valuable healing effect to recei

Mennesker og kontakt

Inspireret af venners kommentarer og egne erfaringer og et indre drive til at formidle springer jeg ud i forsøg på kontakt lige her :) Kontakt er skridtet fra intention, tanke, væren, til at møde det der er her og nu. På latin hedder det ”contactus”: ”at berøre”. Hvis jeg fortsætter min leg med ord, de ord som i en vis forstand er menneskeskabte ud fra et menneskeligt behov om kontakt, så kan vi mennesker blive berørt, få kontakt, på mange måder: Kontakt gennem ord der er kærlige og forbinder og kontakt gennem ord der adskiller og giver en oplevelse af kontakt gennem reaktion (konflikt). Begge former med en intention om at få kontakt. Kontakt gennem møder i stilhed. Kontakt gennem individ

Humans and Contact

Inspired by friends and my own experiences and an internal drive for sharing and conveying, I will reach out hoping for contact by these words ☺ Contact is the step from intention and thought and being, to meeting whatever is here and now. In Latin it comes from "contactus", and means " touch". If I continue through my understanding into the core of the word; the word which to some extend are man-made out of a human need for contact, we can contact or touch eachother in many ways: Contact through words that connect and contact through words that separate and provide a brief experience of contact through reaction (conflict). All with an intention of contact. Contact through meetings in silenc

The paradox of life

Sometimes I wish that every one in the world could listen to the story of a single persons suffering, I think it would bring a deeper understanding of our common human suffering and how we may pressurize ourselves and each other unconsciously and by this pressurizing the physical body. To me it becomes more and more evident how our unconscious self creates symptoms and how our greater consciousness (the soul) wants to give us a deeper understanding of ourselves, our personality, through our bodily symptoms. Increasingly many people are experiencing symptoms without any visible or measurable physical changes, and thus it cannot be diagnosed and it cause frustration and concern to many people,

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