A holistic approach to life and well being

As a holistic doctor I see body mind spirit as a unit that is completely interconnected with the surroundings. We are influenced by our environments such as what we eat and our relations but also from a greater a awareness. Illness and healing arise from within although someone and something may be pushing us from without, and the ways to heal are endless many. The process can be explained energetically and brings an understanding of how, sounds, music, yoga, oil, food, massage, words, nature and more can support us in a healing process and it includes the more common mechanical and physiological approach. I have stopped prescribing prophylactic medicine and other kinds of medicine that make

How to prove an ever changing world?

Evidence-based health studies are valued by the method and the extent of the results obtained in an attempt to make them as reliable as possible. There is often a great work behind the many collected data, which is interesting and inspiring, yet they have a limited use in an ever-changing world. The need for evidence to prove human states of being is based on some paradigms, which are under resolution. It is about the following beliefs: -A belief that knowing about our own well-being must primarily be found outside of ourselves and predominantly through the experience of others, as through experiments. -A belief that human states of being can be categorized and regulated by standards, whereb

Grænseløs tilstedeværelse

Menneskebarnet er fra fødslen begavet med sensitivitet, evnen til at sanse sig selv og sine omgivelserne. Grænsen mellem selv og omgivelserne kan tilmed opleves at smelte sammen i ét øjeblikkeligt nu af sansende tilstedeværelse. Grænsen mellem du og jeg kan også forsvinde på det personlige plan, når det inderste går op i en højere enhed, for hvem er jeg, og hvem er du, når du sanser mig og jeg sanser dig ? Grænseløshed kan være en smuk oplevelse af enhed. Den kan også være smertefuld både i fysisk og følelsesmæssig henseende, hvis det går udover integriteten, det der forener personligheden og selvværdet, for begge er der jo fortsat. Som barn er sensitiviteten alt andet lige størst, og der k

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