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Maria Teresa

When we acknowledge our actual state of being

the first step towards healing is taken

A hard working self-employed man in his forties gets palpitations and chest pain. The doctors find no heart attack but a slightly heighten blood pressure. The man gets medication, but is still worried (stressed). During some sessions he realises that the worries elevates his blood pressure and brings palpitations, which evokes fear (stress) of getting a heart attack. A virtuous circle initiates and worsens his chest pain. He experiences that behind his chest pain is a strong need (stress) for more space, peace and freedom at home and at his job. Gradually he experiences the importance of taking care of his own sensation. Today he says “ If I just had learned to sense and trust myself many years ago, it would never have ended this way…. albeit I am happy, that I did profit from some medical care and at the same time I chose to find a reason for my symptoms”.

A young very sensitive women was traumatized (stress) during a childbirth and developed an intense fear of death (stress). She often showed up worried (Stress) cause to many different symptoms if they could lead to cancer and death. She was operated more than 35 times in her rump until she through mindfulness work got an understanding and sensation of how her anxiety and frustrations initiated the pain in her rump and she learned to balance her stress response and ceased with being operated and decided to get pregnant again.


"Maria Teresa":From my childhood to my young adult years I went through a series of health conditions (terrible nightmares, eating disorders, and acute pains in my heart). Despite all this, neither my doctor nor the hospital could find anything wrong with me. Eventually those pains ceased but several years later I faced circumstances where I felt like I was going to pass out… My “case” was identified as “Piccolo Male” (a mild form of epilepsy, although I never lost conscience and never passed out). For the following 2 years I was treated with strong prescription drugs which destroyed all my energy and my love for life. I finally contacted a Homeopath. He found absolutely nothing wrong with my electroencephalograms but, on the contrary, that I was “a perfectly healthy young woman”. All the symptoms I had gone through were the result of panic attacks and had the same root cause: my extreme high level of stress in dealing with my father’s alcoholism and PTSD. 

My personal experience motivated me to become a Naturopath and Homeopath. You can read more about me and my publications by visiting


A young very sensitive man was traumatised (stress) responded with psychotic symptoms and was diagnosed and treated for schizophrenia for four years. During our sessions it became obvious that he had a great fear of dying as well as living. Cause to this he had a very week sense-of self and a low self-esteem, which was reinforced by the stigmatization of being labeled mentally ill. He did not trust his own sensations. During some years of inner work in many different ways; walks, swimming, massage, dancing non-judgmental relating and much more he gradually removed his medication and today he has got a job, and is working in a way which is suitable for him. He learned to balance his stress response (chaotic thoughts and anxiety) and most important he is happy.

The Identity of the persons are hidden in some of the cases by other names.

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