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The two major emotions controlling human behaviour


Love and

When we acknowledge our actual state of being

the first step towards healing is taken



Love is a feeling of connectedness within and with eachother. To love is to see and acknowledge ourselves fully with all our many facets. By acknowledging each other we share love and feel connected.

We are born in love without expectations and without prejudice. A glance from a new born reminds us of unconditional love.

The moment we experience ourselves separated is the moment where all "wars " begin inside and outside ourselves.

This feeling of separation drives the stage of life where we are playing different roles like victims, violators, and helpers. All roles are potentially painful and all actors are dependent on each other’s existence.

However no one has ever been separated no one is really alone, it is an illusion.

A way to feel reconnected and rediscover the love in ourselves is compassion for ourselves, from there we will see each other and life with compassionate eyes.

Anxiety is “the mother feeling” behind the many emotions that we humans may get caught by. To consider emotions as ordinary human reactions allows us to let go of shame, anger jealousy and many other common emotions.

Longing is a feeling, which arises from a deep desire to feel connected within or without. It may drive us to be and do something else than what we really are in the present moment.

Longing  may keep us attached to a belief that happiness arises from without. Longing may also evolve us, as we seek for happiness and quietness  from without and through each other, and by this discover the peacefulness and joy within ourselves.  

Love unites and anxiety

separates us from each other and ourselves

We may promote love and calm anxiety by allowing every thing we experience in ourselves to be seen with love., and so we can do with each other. 

And then we can avoid spreading anxiety by letting go of anxious stories for no one knows the beginning or the end in a person’s life, and well-being is an individual experience here and now. Talking about probabilities may spread fear and suffering whereas possibilities bring hope and joy.

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