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A way to regain inner peace 

is a process


When we acknowledge our actual state of being

the first step towards healing is taken

The knowledge

The process

Healing and well-being begins from within and can be supported from without in many different ways.


Body, psyche and consciousness are energetically, functionally and anatomically one unit. Our thoughts, beliefs and bodily sensations affect our feelings, and feelings are felt in the body from top to toe, from inside to toutside. Consciousness is our awareness of what we sense and observe.


When we are more aware of our beliefs and our bodily sensation and live in accordance with whatever that may bring peace in our unique system, we will gradually gain a greater understanding of our body as a whole and how  everything is interconnected. During this process, the bodily symptoms may diminish or disappear, or they become a part of life instead of the problem in life. The body is able to heal and relieve many conditions by itself when we are in peace and balance. And we can learn to find a new balance when we lose our footsteps for a while.

I have also recognised that some "scars" are not able to be fully healed, still we may soften them and learn to live with them and enjoy life in other ways.


There are just as many different ways  to feel wellbeing as there are human beings.

What I offer is guidance and support in order to regain calmness in yourself, sensing the subtle signals in your body, which may bring an understanding of the body as a whole and as a part of a greater unity. One of my methods is mindfulness, an ability we always carry with us.

I have healed my self from several dis-eases like a tumor in my stomach, gout, hypertension, back pain, skin rash, anxiety and more, using awareness about my mental, emotional and physical  body and following my intuition about what is needed in order to regain balance. 

You can read more in my blog and in my book Mindful Medicine

Life is a process. There is always something new to discover a new happening, a new impression and a new choice around the next "corner".

We never know for sure what happens before the day is over and rarely longer than 1 year, 5 years or 10 years. The only thing we can do is to take one step at a time, and then we can learn to regain balance when we lose our footing for a while.

What I offer is an experience-based awareness practice training. It is a guided awareness  towards your bodily sensations and it may bring you an  experience of how they may show up and disappear in your full awareness.

It also involves inquiring of your convictions and behaviours. It is complete individual and it can be very private and at the same time happen while being together with other people.

This awareness training brings calmness, clarity and presence.

The body heals many conditions by itself when it rest in balance, and it is easier to make new, clear decisions towards well being  and quality of life, when we are in peace within.

Gradually, your experiences will be integrated into daily life.

It is necessary to have a daily practice in awareness training and / or just in silent contemplation in one way or another. It is a bit like riding a bike; at first it's taught and practiced, after a while we do it and know it by heart. 


The first step is acceptance and recognition of how it is right now, it brings  peace within. Then we may gradually relate to life inside and around us in a new way.


"We can not solve problems with the same mind that created them"

Quote Albert Einstein

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