I have released six books, four books in English. 

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Mindful Medicine

When we acknowledge our actual state of being

the first step towards healing is taken


The book illuminates human consciousness and consciousness as a process. It provides a scientific understanding of the interconnectedness of body, mind and consciousness in form and formlessness. It is written in an easily accessible language without diving into the detail and contains concrete examples and exercises that can give an understanding of the interconnectedness of body, mind and consciousness. The author writes: " Life is a transient state of being, and whatever we are struggling with right now in body and mind there is always a core inside us which remains: the core of our existence.“  Price e-book, 100 dkr.  contact 

A very inspiring book about the integration of body, mind and spirit into daily life and health care. A perspective on health which might turn your worldview up-site down in different inspiring ways as a professional as well as a non-professional.  


Rather than looking at another person through a learned medical, psychological, and mostly

fixed lens, she invites us to stand right at the edge—to explore the other person’s psychological

and physiological landscape as totally unknown ground, as deeply unique, in attempt to

find meaning and to support what might be called for in the symptom of pain and suffering.

Touching and being touched by many hearts, Mette guides us in consciousness. What a gift!

—Ameyo Katharina Barfred-Dixon, Integrative Transpersonal Psychotherapist,

Trainer and Supervisor in Denmark, Sweden, and England

Raw honesty and empathy are consistently on display in the case stories … a very

professionally presented, mindful approach to healing that will give guidance and hope

to readers.

—Helle Brisson, MA

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A new life

“A New Life” describes a new understanding of diseases. Through the authors’ own story and different situations from everyday life, the reader will get an understanding of how symptoms and disease may arise, and how we may heal ourselves. She describes the methods, which she has used to restore balance after a period of stress and disease in her own life as well with her clients.
She is questioning conventions in our modern world as the ones that symptoms must be removed, and that diagnosis is chronic.
The book illustrates how we create our perception of reality, and how death is both a life confirming and a life limiting illusion. It describes through everyday examples how we may perceive body, mind and spirit as separate entities, and brings an understanding for the necessarily movement towards reunion of body, mind and spirit.

Excerpt from the preface by Medical Doctor, Child- and Adolescent Psychiatrist Kirsten Norling Christensen:…. “One of the book’s great values is the emphasis on experiences from personal life-stories about daily living and especially the author’s own experience and knowledge based on her medical background. The book has an authenticity and depth that is extensive. With its comprehensiveness the book points out a paradigm shift and thus it also has a political message. It points at hope for the future – both for the individual and on a global level.

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This book is free. It is written with an intention to share the knowledge I have received through my work as a medical holistic doctor. It

is about the stress phenomena and the stress response. Send mail and you will get a pdf.fil.