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The process of separation and integration

Since having released a small booklet on consciousness I have got some valuable feedback. It makes me realise how different we understand consciousness, and also it makes me understand how words may separate us. So I have tried to find some common features in our different understandings and it ended up in two words wholeness and appreciation. Or perhaps one single word integrity.

To understand it I find it valuable to explore the polarity, separation, as a conscious process.

To me consciousness arises at the moment we experience ourselves separated from our environment from the close surroundings and also the entire wholeness. We become aware of being “different” cause to a feeling and experience of being separated.

We feel separated from a stone a tree a culture another person and even our own emotions. And during this process of separation we grow more conscious, we discover more and more details and bring more and more into existence.

Somewhere during this process we have distanced ourselves so much from each other, the nature the culture and even ourselves that we have forgotten that we all origin from the same atom and the same source of energy which created this intelligent process at first hand. Perhaps it arises from a fundamental fear of not existence if we reunion, not knowing that we already are completely connected and dependent on each other’s existence and that we keep on existing while are connected and reunited.

In reunion we are still unique existences on earth as man, dog, tree and so forth. We are all in a specific state of existence at a specific point in space we call time. However we may have forgotten that the stone and the tree are conscious existence and appreciate their valuable existence as precursors and essential for human’s existence. They are consciousness at another level. The stone knows it is a stone, it does not suddenly turn into a tree and the man is not suddenly a wolf even though he may become a wolf in many ways.

So everything is an on-going process and also a point in this process of separation and reunion. Like the man who becomes conscious of his body which ages and his thoughts and emotions, and the stone that is shaped by the surroundings and undergoes structural changes. And all of it returns into atoms and pure formless energy from where it all started, over and over in different processes and new paths.

Consciousness in the understanding of existence is to me an on-going process, of separation and integration and I would like to listen to some more of your reflections and connect them with my own understanding. Thank you.

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