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Oneness and sameness

Oneness is what keeps us together, the source of our being. The sources we all origin from and still is connected to through our physical and spiritual being.

It could be called love without knowing how the word love is understood and received by others.

Unique is every one of us also in our shape of ever changing physical beings.

Oneness includes all unique beings and diversities as a completion of whatever is.

Sameness is a statically idea of being unchangeable uniform and conform. To understand oneness we must let go of the idea of sameness.

We origin from the same source and it is possible to relate to each other from this source that love and know all unique beings and diversities that is; The very soul of human beings.

Let’s celebrate the uniqueness while being aware of how we act may have an impact on our fellow living beings as well as our selves, and by knowing that we already live in oneness.

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